Dungeon24 & Lore24

Let's start off 2024 with some ambitious projects.

  1. Do #Dungeon24 - finish a mega-dungeon day-by-day. Only made it to May in 2023 with #Dungeon23 - let's beat that record!

  2. While looking up whether #Dungeon24 was a tag, discovered #Lore24 - which is more a World Building challenge thought up by @yora@dice.camp and described on Wombat's blog.

  3. Do more blog posts (and tidy up this mess of a site)

Perhaps I can do a cheaty joint thing, where I describe the world my megadungeon lives in, and write up better descriptions of NPCs, factions, hooks as #Lore24 blog posts!

Why not hey? Don't want to update my blog daily though, so will type up a weekly post of lore dumps, and see how we go.

Let's not call these "Resolutions". Instead call it "New Year List of Cool Things to Try". Easier to think of like that, and easier to keep piling things on to the list without any fear of failure or disappointment. Just have fun why not!