12. Corpses are a Drag

chaos 5
Scene: return to Highbridge
Test scene - interupted!

While the party is gathering the bodies of Elferen, Phrost, Antari, Thaeteron, and what's left of Westy and Phalax, Lena must have collected the hilt and shards of the dagger, and ran off!

Krow is a bit angry at herself for not keeping an eye on the halfling, whereas Iambere is fearful of what evil still lies in the fragments, and what Lena intends with it. Rae is just numb, and glad to be alive.

It's only just midday when they're outside the mouth of the tomb.

They bury Elferen nearby, under the shade of a huge oak. He was a traveller, and Highbridge wasn't his home. Nahisse gives a nice speech about returning to the dirt to nourish new life.

Krow & Nahisse fashion sleds from branches for the remaining bodies, and Rae helps drag them to Highbridge.

scene end & adventure end!
Rae can be involved in the XP calculations why not?
comes out to 956 XP each for Rae, Krow, Iambere and Nahisse
because of Prime requisite bonuses, final tally is:
    Rae: 1052      Krow: 1004
Iambere: 1052   Nahisse: 1004

3720gp total from the Tomb

For Krow's party only
	Highbridge reward: 300gp
	    Giroll reward: 500gp

Games notes

A short one, because the next session of downtime required a bit more fleshing out of the world, so I fell down a world-building rabbit-hole using Worlds Without Number tables. Next post will be a description of this part of the world, and the nation they call home.