11. Putting the band back together

Chaos 4
Expected scene - meet Rae, search room
test scene 10: as expected

Krow and Iambere regain their senses. As does Rae! Who wakes in her smallclothes, in a painful wicker cage above the rapidly scabbing-over blood pool containing a disintegrating wicker heart.

"Ahh, help?" Rae says in a hoarse whisper.

Iambere finds the rope holding Rae's cage up, and loosens it while Krow and Nahisse guide it to the ground and open it. Lena hangs back, wringing her hands. Rae is starving and dehydrated, and takes the waterskin Krow offers with shaking fingers, before taking a deep, spluttering, drink.

"What day is it?" croaks Rae, clutching the waterskin to her chest. Iambere hands her some jerky, and Rae flinches slightly at her pure black eyes, but gratefully takes the food.

"It's Marketday".

Working on my own calendar - and have these days of the week:
	Honour, Zeal, Harvest, Sojourn, Market, Feast, Spirit

"Three days? I've been here three days..."

Lena approaches "I'm glad you're alive Rae! I'm so sorry about Westy, and Phalax. About a lot of things. These people rescued me, and I brought them here." Rae, thinking about her friends, nods, her mouth moves a bit, before closing again. She looks at the ground, and finally mumbles "thank you".

To everyone Rae says "I came here to find treasure. To pay off a 500 gold debt. I thought it would be easy... I..." she falters, hands balled into fists. She consciously relaxes her fingers, and finishes with another " Thank you".

noticing search door - yes for Rae

Rae looks around for her armour and weapons. She notices a scraped section of floor near a smooth wall, and pushing on it causes it to click and swing out smoothly. Behind the door is a small secret chamber, with all of Rae's and other people's gear. Iambere comes in, and finds it also includes a chest of coins - thousands of coppers, silvers, worth 620gp, and a crown worth 1100gp.

Meanwhile Krow finds on Ahgoneste's corpse a gold and emerald encrusted chalice worth 1300gp.

Krow gives Rae the 900gp circlet from Bea's satchel. "This should cover your debt and then some. Could you help with the bodies of our fallen?" Rae quickly agrees, happy to be useful.

So they journey back down to the cavern of death, and Rae is sad to see Thaeteron, a local Highbridge lad, is among the dead. But the bodies are brought out into the light, as well as the most recognisable bits of Phalax and Westy from the blood pool chamber.

scene end - random chaos up to 5