10. It's a shame about Rae

Chaos 3
Expected scene: showdown with Ahgoneste
test scene - 10 - goes as expected
delve hex flower - chamber has a secret exit

Lena goes up to the iron bound door, the only other exit to the chamber. "It was through here - where the dagger was. Where everything went bad".

Krow prepares her bow. "OK, we rush in - Nahisse, Lena. Attack. No hesitation. I'll shoot, Iambere... do you have any magic that could help?"

Iambere shakes her said sadly. "No, nothing useful". She holds a dagger up instead.

After a nod from Krow, Nahisse and Lena rush into a smoky torch-lit chamber. A raised pool is in the center of the room, like a scar in the ground, filled with blood. A large wicker heart appears to be absorbing the blood, as it congeals into a slowly pulsing mass within it. Body parts, fresh and decaying, are strewn around the room.

And above the pool, is Rae, suspended in a wicker cage, and seems unresponsive.

A stout blonde man drops the severed arm he was holding into the pool, and turns as the door crashes open. His face, hair, and rusted chainmail are caked with dried blood. He holds an obsidian dagger, with a bulbous pommel. His narrow brown eyes stare coldly at the intruders, and he smiles at Lena and the new friends she's found.

Party wins initiative
Krow shoots - misses
Iambere throws misses
Nahisse stabs - 19 - hit - 3 damage
Lena swings - 16 - hits, 3 damage

They charge in - Lena with a harsh cry, Nahisse silent and dangerous. The druid's spear gouges the side of his neck, and Lena's short sword cuts the arm holding the strange dagger, but Ahgoneste seems to take no notice. He holds the dagger up, showing the pommel to the party, and it splits, into an eyelid, that opens to reveal a baleful and bloodshot eye, it's stare sapping the wits of all that gaze upon it.

save vs spells, giving these guys a +2 to make it a bit 
easier at level 1, but still bad odds. Saying Lena is 
immune, which is why she was a prisoner instead

Krow and Iambere fail saves
Nahisse passes

Nahisse miss
Lena miss
Ahgo miss

Krow releases the tension in her bow, the arrow clatters noisily to the ground as she sways, slack-jawed, eyes half closed. Iambere is also ensorcelled, stuck in a pose of holding the lantern and dagger before her, head lolling to the side. Nahisse's fury keeps her head clear, and Lena is apparently immune to the effect, as they circle Ahgoneste, one more of Lena's friends turned evil murderer. They attack, but fail to harm him. His quick stabs with the dagger are blocked by Nahisse's shield.

Nahisse hit - 6 damage
Lena miss
[morale 8]
Ahgo miss
Nahisse miss
Lena hit - Ahgoneste dead!

Holding the shield high, Nahisse jabs her sister's spear low, into Ahgoneste's thigh, causing him to drop to one knee. Good height for a halfling attack. He turns to meet Lena, slashing wildly at her head, but she slides on her knees under the obsidian blade, and drives her sword deep into his heart.

FQ: Will Lena break the dagger/curse? Likely - no

Lena looks pale, staring at the face of another of her old friends, looking peaceful in death. She sees the dagger lying on the ground, her hand hovering over it. Nahisse is having none of it. She brings her boot down and shatters the obsidian blade, and tries to squash the 'eyeball' with the haft of the spear, but it's closed again, and appears to be smooth stone.

scene end - chaos: 4
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