09. Follow the Lena

Starting Chaos: 4
Expected Scene: Lena leading party to Rae
Test Scene: 1 - Altered Scene - Add a character
FQ: Is it Ahgoneste (otherwise, thralls)? 50/50 -> thralls
1d4 Thralls - 1

no surprise, thrall wins initiative

FQ: Encounter in a corridor (otherwise Chamber)? 50/50 -> chamber
FQ: Thrall faraway? (or close): 50/50 -> close

Unshackled, Lena rubs her wrists "quickly, I think I know where they took Rae, we must hurry! Uh, can I have a weapon?" Krow stares at her a bit, and Lena shrinks back. Krow lights a torch and hands it to her, but no weapon, and gestures that to Lena that she should lead the way. As Lena passes Iambere, the exceedingly tall woman leans down to the halfling and hands her an apple from her rations. Lena nods thanks, and crunches into the apple, holding the torch aloft and heading back the way they came.

They pass back through the chamber with all the fallen. Lena gulps, and kneels, touching the faces of Eitorik, Runvar and Bea in turn, tears in her eyes. She sees the bodies of Phrost, Thaeteron and Antari too, and lowers her head in shame. "They were good people. Like my family really, until they... changed. I wish we'd never come".

Krow softens, slightly. "We'll make it right". Lena nods, stands, wipes her eyes on the back of her forearm and keeps walking.

They head back up the spiral stairs, down the tunnel where the bats were. Back into the 7-sided chamber. Lena strides directly to the opening on the opposite side, 2nd from the left of the entrance. That tunnel continues 40 or 50 feet, before branching, Lena turning right. She stops and whispers "we're almost there. Get ready." She continues forward, the tunnel opening up into a pillared hall. An iron banded door is visible at the edge of the torch light.

thrall attacks Elferen - 20 - hit - 4 dmg, dead :(

Then from the right, a giggling figure attacks! Another thrall, in rough brigandine armor and a hide shield, lunges at Elferen's unprotected right-side, sinking their gleaming short sword between the bard's ribs. Elferen topples to the left, sliding off the blade in a gout of blood.

Lena scoops up Elferen's sword as it clatters to the stone floor as Krow breaks left, getting line of sight with her bow, while Nahisse moves to engage Elferen's murderer.

Krow misses
Iambere misses
Nahisse misses
Lena hits! Kills thrall

The thrall moves jerkily, Krow's arrow goes wide, as does Iambere's thrown dagger. Crouching low, Nahisse stabs at his guts but he turns the spear tip away... and misses the short sword (Elferen's sword) that Lena gouges into his stomach. He drops in a pool of blood and entrails.

Krow leans down to Elferen. She closes the eyes on his shocked face, and spits curses at this "sick fucking place".

"Another of your friends, Lena?" Krow growls, looming over the halfling.

Lena takes some steps back, stammering "I've never seen him before! Must have arrived after they took me downstairs". She puts Elferen's sword down next to his slack hand as Krow snorts and stomps off to retrieve her arrow. Lena then takes their attacker's sword and shield instead. She's startled as she notices the silent stare from Nahisse. The druid just nods, and looks away. It seems to Lena that taking out that guy has earned her a bit of trust?

scene end - chaos random: 3
  - Elferen
  + Lena

OK, I didn't mean for this to be an all-woman party, honest!
I mean, I like that it is, just didn't plan it that way
It's all random, I have a gender roll: 
    1d5 - 1-2 male, 3 non-binary, 4-5 female

And I didn't mean for the only nb person so far, 
Bea, to be a baddie!