08. Lena Unchained

FQ: are the shackle keys here? 50/50: yes
The shackle keys are hanging on the wall opposite Lena

Lena motivations: oppose, innocent
  Lena is semi-responsible for what's happening?
  And will lie about it

What does Lena claim: transform, destroy
  Lena claims she was here to destory the witch's curse

Source of witch power [object]: beautiful weapon
  obsidian dagger
FQ: is the dagger held by a 5th party member?
  likely: yes
Name: Ahg, [virtue], Eee - honesty? Ahg-honesty-ee

A halfling woman is chained to the wall, looking frail. "Who are you?" demands Krow, pointing her sword at her. "Lena!" she squeaks. She explains that she and her party were here to break a curse by destroying a relic.

Is the lie detected? Wisdom ability checks
Krow - fails
Elferen - succeeds

Elferen doesn't believe her. "Destroy it, eh? Very noble of you. First I've heard of a curse, and I listen to a lot of tales! Heard of a lot of treasure however". Lena sweats a bit. "Honest! Ahgoneste picked up this creepy dagger, then started acting weird!"

Has Ahgoneste sacrificed many? 50/50: exceptional no
  Ahgoneste hasn't got a chance to sacrifice anyone yet 
  - they've only just been fully controlled?

"I ran, but as I ran I forgot everything! Started coming back to me a few days ago - another group of treasure hunters found me. Broke me out of my mind haze! Rae! She might be still alive!" Lena explains that her old friends, Eitorik, Runvar and Bea, killed Rae's party, but kept Rae alive, for whatever reason that cursed dagger wants. While Lena is talking, and despite questioning looks from everyone else, Iambere unlocks Lena's shackles.

FQ: is Rae nearby on this level? 50/50: No
FQ: is Rae behind that fancy door from scene 4?
  likely: No

Scene end
Chaos 4 (switched to random chaos)

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