07. Bloodbath

Chaos: 5
Hexflower Delve: 9 - stairs down [+2], 1, low threat area [-10]
12 - 8: whispering and scratching
test scene: 8 - as expected

The tunnel terminates at a circular pit, with stone steps, jutting from the wall like teeth, spiral down anti-clockwise to another tunnel, heading north, hewn from the bedrock. A creepy whispering is coming from the corridor, and scratching sounds.

FQ: Are there any signs of traffic? 50/50: 46 = yes

There are footprints heading down that tunnel.

2 people? yes
Does Krow know this? no

Krow puts a finger to her lips, and they head forward, towards the whispering.

Scene end. Chaos -1: 4
no changes to characters or threads

New scene:
hexflower delve: 6 chamber [+5] - one exit, 1, blocked, 6, threat [+4]
encounter: 8 +9 = 17 = D4 thralls = 3

is it the group that wiped Rae's group? likely: 50 - yes

Test scene: goes as expected

party surprised? no
thralls surprised? no
party init: 2
thrall init: 4

large irregular cavern - wet rocks

The whispering stops as they move down the tunnel - replaced with the sound of water dripping on rock, and trickling. The light illuminates three figures squatting around a creek in the middle of a natural cavern, that must have been sitting in the dark. Two half-orcs and a robed human.

do they attack? no
character conversation: 64,74: lie, mundane

They all rise as one - all holding weapons, casually, but ready - one half-orc with a sword and shield, the other a halberd, the robed figure holding a knife. Runvar: "We are lost! Do you have food?"

wisdom checks for detecting something funny
Krow: 6 - success!
Iambere: 7 - fail

Krow thinks they look well-fed, they look dazed or drugged a bit, and the way they glanced between each other fills Krow with suspicion. She taps on Phrost's shoulder, because he was lowering his sword, and after a puzzled look he raises it again.

She unslings her bow, notches an arrow as she asks "how long have you been in here?" The robed figure, seeing the bow, starts moving back, tilts their head to one side. "too long?" "where are you from?" The half-orc man starts coming a bit closer, towards Phrost, who has been joined by Elferen at the front. The half-orc man looks confused, they all do "not too far from here?" "Stop moving!"

do they attack now? very likely: 9 = exceptionally yes
 - will take that to mean they get another chance to surprise,
   but no, failed.

ranged first, Bae throws dagger at Phrost 5 - miss

Halbred man swings at Phrost

13+3 = 16 hits! :/ damage: 8+3 = dead

The polearm bites deep into Phrost's inner thigh, severing an artery - he stumbles back and falls, roaring in fury and panic.

sword gal attacks Elferen
1: fail!

The sword half-orc slips as he swings, missing Elferen completely.

Krow attacks Runvar: 15 - hits! Damage 6 (2HP left)

Krow fires her bow at Runvar and an arrow sinks into his shoulder

Nahisse attacks Runvar with her sling [10+1] = 11 misses but the stone bounces harmlessly off his armor.

Elferen swings at the sword wielding half-orc [14 = miss] but she raises her shield and knocks his sword aside.

Antari darts in, thrusting her spear at Runvar [13 = hit! 1 damage] and catches him in the gut, but he's still standing.

Thaeteron rushes in nervously, swings at Runvar [12+2 = hit! 5 damage] his short sword biting into his neck, just under the jaw, and he drops, grinning and gushing blood.

New turn!

morale: 4 - fight on

Bea throws her last dagger at Thaeteron [9 = miss]

Eitorik thrusts at Antari [14+3=hit damage:7] - and runs her through - her sister Nahisse sees the wet blade burst from her sister's back, and she cries out as Eitorik cackles and kicks the druid off her sword.

Krow moves back, and shoots at Eitorik [14+1=15] but she ducks sways to the side, the arrow hitting the back wall harmlessly.

Iambere throws her last dagger at Bea [6+1 = miss]

Nahisse slings a rock at Eitorik [14+1 = miss] but the shield knocks it away

Elferen swings at the armored and agile Eitorik [7 = miss] - not even close.

Thaeteron, comes at Eitorik, [6 = miss] and misses

Round 3

Eitorik attacks Thaeteron [11+3 = 14]

is she trying to kill him (or sacrifice)? 50/50: yes

and stabs him through the neck, and he gurgles and dies.

Bea rushes to pick up Iambere's dagger

Krow is getting worried, they might have to run for it. Three dead for only one of theirs - she decides to try and make it one more, and shoots at Bea [18 - hits, 2 damage 7 left] but just grazes her

Nahisse, yelling, lobs a rock at Eitorik and misses

Iambere falls back to the entrance, no idea how to help

Elferen swings at Eitorik but misses

round 4

Bea throws Iambere's dagger at Krow [8 = miss] Eitorik swings at Elferen [10+3=miss] but he parries the blade away

Nahisse attacks Eitorik and misses

Krow draws her sword and shield, and attacks Eitorik and misses Elferen swings and misses

round 5

Bea rushes at Elferen, trying to tackle him Eitorik attacks Krow [10+3 = 13] = miss Bea strength check [6 = fail]

Krow tells Elferen to take out the Bea Nahisse misses Eitorik Krow misses Eitorik Elferen hits Bea for 3 damage Iambere picks up one of Bea's knives

round 6

Eitorik attacks Krow but misses Bea rushes at Iambere and tries to punch her [11-2 = 9 = miss]

Nahisse misses Eitorik Krow misses Eitorik Iambere tries to stab Bea [17-1 hits- 4-1 3 damage - 1 hp left ] Elferen swings at Bea and hits, cutting them down through their collarbone

Combat continues
Round 7
Morale: Eitorik stays and fights
Eitorik attacks Elferen - 2 - miss
Nahisse misses Eitorik
Krow hits for 4 damage
Elferen attacks - 8 - misses
Iambere holds

Eitorik lunges at Elferen, and Krow sees an opening, sinks her sword into Eitorik's side, maybe saving Elferen's life. Eitorik turns and launches a flurry of attacks at Krow, but the ranger keeps her cool, parrying and blocking the savage assault. Krow hears Nahisse's roar of fury behind her, and the half-orc's attack falters - Nahisse's sling bullet punching into Eitorik's skull, between her eyes. She crumples to the ground, dead.

Scene over - chaos up 
Remove characters:
  Bea, Eitorik, Runvar, Phrost, Antari, Thaeteron

New scene - looting bodies
test scene - as expected

How is Nahisse handling her sister's death?
  Mythic elements: efficient, gentle

FQ: does anything respond to the nose of the fight?
 50/50: yes
 guide, delibrately

FQ: is it the mind-control? unlikely - No

Nahisse barges past Krow and Elferen to drop to her knees by her sister, pulling Antari's head onto her lap and brushing her hair out of her closed eyes, her tears falling on Antari's peaceful face.

Krow checks Phrost & Thaeteron, but they're definitely gone. Iambere has approached, and put a hand on Krow's shoulder, a silent query to see if she's OK. Krow pats Iambere's hand and nods, without meeting her gaze, and moves to start searching the bodies of their foes.

rolled OSE adventure party treasure, halved
2 jewelry items - 900gp, 1100gp

Bea, the robed figure, had a satchel with a spellbook, a circlet, and a spectre. The jewellery looks really expensive! Krow hands the entire bag to Iambere, who has collected her own daggers, and Bea's knives. Elferen takes Eitorik's long-sword and shield, and Nahisse takes her sister's spear, after having gently moving her body to the entrance of the chamber. Krow and Elferen move Phrost and Thaeteron next to Antari, but less carefully.

The cavern slopes down gently to the north, getting narrower and narrower until it's a crack, the creek gurgling down into the darkness. A tunnel, like the one they came down, has been carved into the north wall. Krow gets Elferen to lead the way, followed by Nahisse with shield and spear, Iambere next with her lantern and a dagger in hand, and Krow at the rear, longbow drawn.

30 feet or so into the tunnel a female voice whispers excitedly from the darkness "hello? Did you best them?"