06. That Sweet Bat XP

Chaos: 4

Connectivity Engine: 1 - up - junction. No exits = corridor.
Content engine: 1 - down - threat +4: 
  rolled 3 + 4 = d20 bats - 7 bats

party surprised? yes
bats surprised? yes
party init: 3
bats init: 4
bats reaction: 6 - neutral

Scene test: 8 = continues as expected

Phrost walks slowly down the roughly dug and narrow tunnel, that gradually widens and gets taller - he's able to lift the torch high above his head - which startles a small colony of bats that swarm the party!

Phrost's reaction: 6 - neutral

The knight raises his sword, but the bats don't attack, so neither does he. Krow hisses to those that follow "hug the walls! Let them pass!"

Elferen: reaction 5 - may attack

The bard raises his two-handed sword, looking ready to swing at anything that gets close, and Krow growls "hold!" at him, but his eyes are wild, and she's not sure he'll listen.

FQ: do the bats attack? 50/50 : no
FQ: do the bats escape out the way the party came? likely: yes
FQ: does Elferen attack? 50/50: yes

The bats screech past and out the tunnel - and Elferen swings!

Elferen attack: 19 hits! Damage: 4 - 1 bat dead!
FQ: would bats stop and fight? unlikely: no

The bats escape out the tunnel, all but one that the bard swats from the air.

Krow is about to give Elferen an earful but Iambere is already there, putting a hand on his shoulder and leaning down to say quietly "if we don't have to fight, we don't fight - it's a rule that keeps us alive. All of us. Follow Krow's lead." and Krow adds, bluntly, "or leave."

They continue on.

End scene: chaos up to 5
new character: bats