05. New Beginnings

Rolled two new characters, manually this time.
Mythic GME for names and descriptors.
      Appearance: tattoo, remarkable
      Descriptor: surprising, cautious
     Personality: quiet, careless
  Traits & flaws: impaired, social (tactless?)

      Appearance: sinister, attractive
      Descriptor: clean, large
     Personality: fair, calm
  Traits & flaws: good, suffering (martyr?)

Too many people enter the nearby Tomb of the Evil Witch and never return. The Warden of the lakeside town of Giroll wants the tomb cleared out once and for all. Remove any threats. And to a lesser extent find out what happened to all the missing treasure hunters. He approaches some adventurers that have done good work for him before. Krow the ranger, a large, tattooed, brown-skinned woman, and Iambere the magic-user, hunched and hooded to hide her height (6'5") & her entirely black eyes and pale translucent skin.

Used oldschoolessentials.necroticgnome.com/generators/retainer-generator to generate retainers

Krow and Iambere hire some retainers from Giroll - the Druid sisters, Antari & Nahisse - woad painted and capable looking. With no one else qualified, they also settle on the "knight" Phrost. A weasel of a man with a permanent sneer. His plate armour show him as a man of means, even if he seems to struggle under the weight, and wields a quarterstaff instead of a sword...

Krow, ever cautious, suggest the longer route to the tomb, through Highbridge. In Highbridge she manages to talk the magistrate there into also paying them to clear out the tomb, potentially getting paid twice for the same job. Retainers are slim pickings at Highbridge - apparently a trio of locals had headed to the Tomb three days ago and hadn't returned. A common tale.

Krow, despite her brusque nature, can be quite compelling and persuasive, and she talks Elferen, a (not very talented) bard who just arrived in town to join their party. He has a two-handed sword that they hope he knows how to use. Overhearing the inspiring argument, a strapping local lad named Thaeteron asks to join too.

So, now numbering 7, Krow is feeling more confident as they head to the Tomb of the Evil Witch.

Marching order: Phrost (knight), Krow (ranger), Elferen (bard), Antari (druid), Nahisse (druid), Iambere (magic-user) and Thaeteron (level 0 human).

They take the dark root infested tunnel down into the heptagonal (7 sided) chamber with it's mud and stick animal effigies, illuminated by Iambere's lantern, and a torch that Krow handed to Thaeteron.

Testing the scene: 3 - altered scene
"door, possessions"
7 doors, rolling 1d7: 5

At the opening of the second tunnel to the right, Nahisse spots a short sword lying in the dirt, spatters of dried blood on the blade (Westy's sword. Westy's blood). Krow whispers "Phrost, do you want a blade instead of that stick?" Phrost glares a bit, grunts, and snatches the sword from Nahisse. Nahisse sees her sister Antari bristle at this, but Nahisse gives her meaningful look, and shakes her head. Antari nods and returns to watching the dark tunnel entrances.

Ranger Krow tracking roll: 61 = nothing

Krow prowls the chamber, looking at the ground for any clues as to who is down here. Footprints going this way and that - no clear direction to go on. She picks the doorway her wanderings end at - dice: 1d6 - rolled 6 - the passage directly to the right.

"Phrost? This one" - Krow has lit another torch and hands to the knight as he enters the tunnel, short sword is his other hand. Krow follows him in.

Chaos goes down to 4
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