04. Surprise!

chaos factor: 4
connectivity roll: 7 - Special! [+10]
Dungeon Descriptors: Military Closed - a defended door

how many exits? 0 (override to 1 to account for a wandering encounter)

content roll: 3 - wandered encounters [-2]

encounter: 9+8: 17 = D4 thralled servitors, 3

Are these Lena's friends? Very Likely: 38 = Yes

Expected scene: thralls are patrolling past a locked portal deeper into the complex

Testing the scene: 1d10: 5, scene continues as expected.
FQ [50/50]: Do the thralls catch the party unawares? Yes

    Eitorik -  Lvl 1 Half-Orc,    AC 2, HP 6
    Runvar -   Lvl 2 Half-Orc,    AC 6, HP 8
    Bea Naez - Lvl 2 Illusionist, AC 9, HP 9

Rae is leading, closely followed by Lena, then Westy with the torch, and Phalax in the rear. She enters a chamber with a heavy oak door, carved with writhing figures with animal heads, tearing at each other's flesh with claws and teeth. Other than the door, a tunnel to the right leads into darkness.

FQ: Do the thralls ambush rather than taunt/compell? 50/50 : Yes

Rolling for surprise: 1d6:1 the party is surprised

As Rae, Lena, Westy and Phalax enter the room, a horrible giggle emanates from the side tunnel as charging out are two half-orcs and a thin robed figure.

Who does Eitorik attack? 1d4: 4 = Phalax
1d20: 13 - hits! 1d8+3: 11 damage - Phalax is dead

Eitorik, the more armoured half-orc, Breaks left and decapitates Phalax in one swing!

Runvar attacks - 1d4 - 3 = Westy
1d20: 17! hits - 1d10+3 damage = 4

Runvar thrusts his halberd through Westy's neck, and the torch drops, as Westy falls to the ground, dead.

FQ: does the torch go out? 50/50: 40 = no

does the illusionist try to stab instead of throwing his dagger?
unlikely: no

attacking Rae

1d20 : 4 - miss!

The giggling robed figure throws his dagger at Rae, but it doesn't go anywhere near her.

initiatve, 1d6: Rae: 3
thralls: 4

FQ: Do the thralls demand Rae and Lena's surrender? 50/50: no...

Ei attacks Rae and misses, runvar attacks Rae, 16 - hits,

1d10+3 damage = 8, Rae is dead - NO! subdued! For the sacrifice

Rae doesn't even get the option to run, as the grinning halberd-wielding half-orc swings at her head, and everything goes dark.

    pause on Rae - new sub-adventure coming...