03. Solemn Seeping

Random Generator:
    Chamber, Low Threat Area
    No exits
    No secret ways

Optional chamber dressing:
    medium size, round 
    notable feature: taste - spicy

Starting Chaos: 3
Testing the Expected Scene: 5 = Expected Scene

An empty room - the tunnel ends in a round, empty chamber. The walls are rough hewn stone with cracks that are weeping some noxious ooze that makes the eyes water.

Rae: Hey Lena, Is this familiar at all? Lena, is at the walls, looking for secret ways out "I could smell this room, in the dark. It's nasty. I turned around and crawled back. I tell ya, being alone in here, unable to see, horrible smells, and strange noises... it's... bad."

    threads: same
    characters: same
    chaos +1 (progress impeded) = 4