02. Lena the Treasure Haver

Hexflower - connectivity engine: 1 - Junction, no extra exits

They come to a junction in the dirt and stone

is it a T junction 50/50: Yes
Content Engine: 1 - monster +3 encounter roll
mad adventurer

check chaos: altered scene
is adventurer friendly: 50/50: yes
what happened to their friends? "flee, people"

character: appearance: scar, features
conversation: curious, fierce
personality: confident, perfectionist
name: lin nah: Lena

Couple of names of friends:
action+va: Runvar
eee+tor+ick: Eitorik

There's a shape huddled in the dirt, and Westy yelps as it rises into the shape of a halfling!

Does Phalax shoot?? Unlikely: no

The person raises a shaking hand to block the torchlight "Runvar? Eitorik? Is that you? For gods sake you left me for dead!" The voice croaks at first, but once clear, sounds like a woman.

Rae moves her towering figure to shade the light from the halfling woman's face. "No friend, I'm Rae. Who are you?"

Has Lena recovered any treasure? 50/50: Yes

Rae notices that Lena is clutching a sack to her chest, get's her mind racing on what wealth might be in there.

What's Lena likely to do? Character Action meaning table: 32, 50
efficient, important
Lena's lawful, important not to leave her friends behind

"I'm Lena - got separated from my group. I remember scouting down a corridor... then everything is blank - then I found myself groping around in the dark - totally alone! We have to find them!"

Phalax: "Yeah! Join us! We have light - safety in numbers eh?"

Rae shares a look with Westy before saying "yeah, come with us - we'll all get a share of whatever treasure we leave with! And be alive to spend it!" A share of Lena's treasure is more than they have now.

Scene stuff:

+ Find Lena's Party

+ Lena
+ Runvar
+ Eitorik
+ Memory-Erasing Vibe

Chaos: -1 = 3