01. Heptagonal Horribleness

Rae works at her family's shipwright business in Highbridge. In an effort to keep the business afloat (hah!), she did a shady deal, got in a lot of debt, and now, to save her family, she needs to get 500gp quickly.

She knows there's the Tomb of the Evil Witch nearby that a lot of treasure seekers have ventured to, but none have returned. Still, treasure?

She's talked some drinking buddies, Phalax and Westy into coming along for a share of the loot (a half-share each)

Cavern Descriptors: Animal, art

They arrived at the Tomb, and a dark root infested tunnel leads down into darkness. Westy holds a lit torch and a short sword, Phalax a short bow, while the armoured Rae leads the way. They arrive at a heptagonal (7 sided) chamber, with corridors leading away into darkness. Westy is startled at the strange animal shadows his torch light reveals, but it turns out their mud and stick effigies of animals - stags and hares and wolves.

conversation elements: 10,96: Betray threatening
loan shark name: ren rah je orn: Ren Rajeorn

Westy, looking around nervously, whipsers "look Rae, I.. think.. I don't think this is a great idea. Maybe we can double-cross Rajeorn instead? Maybe that's safer?"

"Come on Westy, a couple of mud critters can't hurt us. Keep your cool - the monsters will have to get through me to get to you, yeah?"

Phalax, all smug bravado adds "don't worry so much Wes, just hold the torch, and I'll shoot any horrible witches that come!"

Rae picks the left most tunnel, and ventures in.

Scene end. Chaos 4