020. Fell in love with Algol


Halia and Jools are heading back to the lift to the hangar, pushing a hover cart full of supplies, including a box of assorted movie cartridges that Wayfinder "had to have".

"Listen, Way... Jools, thanks for doing all the talking, and finding where Eveline went to".

Jools smiles warmly at the skinny awkward spacer, pats her on the back, and this time Halia doesn't flinch. "Well, let's say you're better with ship maintenance, and I'm better with people. Although, you are good at lying to raiders... "

Halia grins, "well, grubs are only hated slightly less than pirates - so we have that in common". Then she lets out a loud sigh "I could have stayed here a bit longer, but I'm still anxious to get out of Sector. I imagine Savarin are still on our tail" - she lowers her voice and whispers the "Savarin" part.

"Same. Let's find this Eveline"

They load up the ship, and Mongoose changes into a brand-new vacsuit, with leak-sealing-gel technology, and manoeuvring jets as part of the streamlined backpack life-support. And this vacsuit actually fits her. It's still orange, but with a vertical white stripe off-centre, running from her right collar bone all the way to her right magboot down the leg.

Halia slots the nav computer back in, and Wayfinder straps into the co-pilot seat, and they leave the sanctuary of Sundown Orbital behind.

They have coordinates to the system of Algol, where Eveline should be, so they're not charting their own path this time, so Halia sets a course.

[Set a Course - Supply - 6 vs 2|9 - Weak Hit] - choosing to face a complication

Sometime later, as the Ultraviolet exits the Drift, they can see things could be tricky - it seems Algol is a wretched hive of scum and villiany - so many Union of the Shining Raiders ships on the scanners. From the lack of attention they're getting, it seems like this system might be a "freeport" - a safe haven with an unspoken peace, but, still.

The system itself is beautiful. There are two stars here, bright, orange, and so close that fiery tendrils of plasma connect them. And Erebos, the planet below, is Vital - one of the perfect human-life-friendly havens that are so rare. Glaciers and snow mark the poles, and great flat green continents are seperated by vast oceans. Even has a large moon, so ocean tides are a thing too.

Halia can only assume this planet isn't more settled due to the presence of the Raiders, or else some peril on the surface they're not yet aware of.

Somewhere down there is Freya, the settlement where Eveline "Zephyr" Barlowe is living and working. Hopefully.

[End a Session]
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