018. Laughing Mongoose


[Undertake an Expedition - wits - 5 vs 4|2 - strong hit]

The Ultraviolet shudders out of the Drift, and Mongoose sees her second black hole this sector! The accretion disk gives off a bright white light, bathing the nearby ringed planet in a soft glow. A nav buoy shows this system is indeed a bit more civilised, broadcasting the location of Sundown Orbital, a station in geo-synchronous orbit around the jungle planet of Celadon.

Wayfinder gives a whistle. "You don't see many blackholes - stunning!"

Mongoose snorts "Pfft, I see them all the time. This one's OK I guess". When Wayfinder turns to face her, annoyed, Mongoose laughs and says "OK OK, it's my 4th, but would you believe I only saw my 3rd one 3 days ago? Two this sector!"

Wayfinder can't help but smile at an actual genuine, non-sarcastic laugh from Mongoose. The first she's heard from her.

As they get closer to the station, they can see a bulky old ring-style station with rotational gravity. It's axis is pointing at the black hole, an enormous collector funnel catching the energetic particles and frequencies from the accretion disc, and thereby shielding the habitation ring below from lethal radiation.

"Oh wow, no automated landing bay assignment, this place is old school." Mongoose opens a channel to the station "Ultraviolet to Sundown Orbital - reclaimer class ship requesting clearance to land"

"Sure thing Ultraviolet - you're cleared for landing bay 4 - follow the buoys in. Welcome to Sundown!"

[Progress Roll: Travel to Celadon :Strong Hit = 9 vs 5|4]

The Ultraviolet heads into the hangar at the non-collector end of the axis, ready for some brief R&R before looking for Eveline "Zephyr" Barlowe, potential A.I. expert.