017. Gutshot be Scooping

[Undertake an expedition wits - 7 vs 4|8 - weak hit]
choosing to face peril at waypoint
Peril: Sabotage revealed 
- Circuit or Deadeye took something needed to exit the Drift safely?

The UV exits the drift, and something explodes! As warning lights are flashing and the smoke alarm is blaring, and automated fire suppression systems activate. A quick check shows that the Eidolon Capacitor is missing its regulator valve, and a build-up of plasma blew out a section of piping.

[-1 integrity to UV]


Sensors pick up a Harvester class ship scooping fuel from a violet coloured hypergiant star.

It calls, and Wayfinder answers while Mongoose is busy with the repairs.

"Hey, ship over there. Keep your distance! We're ready to jump, so no fucking point coming over here with your guns and piracy!"

"Hello harvester - this is Wayfinder on the Ultraviolet. Keep your scoops out, we're not looking for trouble. Just on-route to Celadon without a Passage"

"Oh, good. Thought maybe you were one of those Union of the Shining Raiders.. raiders. This is Gutshot, on the Trithia Six"

While Wayfinder has a nice chat with Gutshot, Mongoose tries to repair the damage.

[Repair - Astrid Assist - 10 vs 1|4 - Strong hit] - 3 points
+2 integrity to UV - 1 points wasted

Mongoose returns to the cockpit, wiping her hands on her vacsuit. While Wayfinder keeps chatting "Should I ask what happened to the Trithia One through Five?"

"Hah! It's not like that. The Trithias were a bigger fleet that was sold off piecemeal. Got number 6 for a steal. Of course getting it space-worthy again cost a fortune."

[Explore a Waypoint - 7 vs 4|9 - weak hit]


[Another space peril: Phantom signals suggest a lurking foe]

While Wayfinder is talking, Mongoose decides to rotate through the sensor suite, looking for anything interesting, and detects a weak signal on a long-range band. "Hey, Wayfinder, I think there's another ship in the system, broadcasting something"

"Gutshot, have you picked up any other signals in the system? Another ship?"

"Nothing Wayfinder, but the interference this close to the star means our sensors are pretty overloaded."

Mongoose picks up the weak transmission. Hard to decipher everything "and now the second.... traviolet picked up my trans... fucking resc... already - going dark"

That's enough to pinpoint the signal - looks like a multipurpose ship, but definite guns, and oversized engines that seem to have exploded a bit. It's running dark, but showing Raider markings.

"Wayfinder, there's a Raider ship in system! Damaged, and running dark, but it's called for reinforcements".

"Gutshot! There IS a raider is system - these are the coordinates. They've called for help, so best to bug-out soon. Happy trails."

"Thanks Ultraviolet - see you in the Drift"

Mongoose nods at Wayfinder - "good advice for us too", and points the ship at Celadon, and engages sub-light thrusters to get some distance while they wait for the repaired Eidolon drive to charge.

[Undertake an Expedition - wits - 7 vs 1|3 - STRONG HIT]

Arrive in Menkib, a system with a giant blue star, orbited by a jungle planet.

[Explore a Waypoint - 8 vs 8|2 - weak hit]


Oracle - core for vague ominousity - powerful fleet

The planet below looks lush and full of life, so it's curious that there are no settlements here. A more thorough scan shows the remains of a few ships down there - frigates, corvettes. A once powerful fleet now nothing but corroded frames - something down there breaking down the metal and expensive salvage to rust & minerals.

Not willing to risk a similiar fate, UV breaks orbit of the planet, and eventually heads into the Drift once more, should be one more jump to Celadon.