016. Circuit Shitty


A dangerous looking man greats them in the airlock, wearing a respirator and holding a short pulse rifle

"Leave your guns behind, and that machete." he says to Wayfinder who shrugs and divests of her weapons. "But put a respirator on, air quality is here is bad and getting worse."

They do as their told, and get led to Circuit, a short woman with a puffy jacket, with LED-infused piping horizontal across the chest and down the arms, and likewise glowing sub-dermal tattoos and coaxial cables woven through her hair. Mongoose thinks it's woven.

She's also wearing a visor, that appears to have a HUD readout scrolling on the inside. She lowers them to peer over the top at Mongoose and Wayfinder.

"Well, that was an exciting arrival - not used to atmosphere huh?"

Mongoose reddens a bit, then deflates - "haven't piloted into a gas giant before, or collided with whatever floating gas-bag creatures those were."

"Oh hell, you hit some Neph Floaters? We've got some of those in tanks in the biolab - they reproduce like crazy, and we have a process that makes them OK to eat, but man do they taste bad."

The man standing behind them grunts in agreement.

"I'm Circuit, that's Deadeye. Welcome to Brink Station."

"I'm Mongoose, that's Wayfinder. What are you doing here? This isn't the most hospitable place in the world"

"I'm an engineer working on improving gas extractor tech - so many noble gasses out there, and some rare heavy elements. There's scientists in the pods lower down. I'm here to improve their equipment, and keep this base in the eye of the storm, and in the sky. And keep boring stuff like life support running.. Had a critical failure a month ago. Bit of a free-fall situation that lost us our shuttle over the side. We also had to jettison some research pods to regain altitude, so, you know, things are pretty shit."

"OK, Astrid here is good at repairs, and the ship is full of odds and ends, let's see what we can do."

[Repair - in the field - 5 vs 10|4 - weak hit + 1 repair - sacrifice 1 supply for 2 repair]


Mongoose has enough parts to fix life support at least. She works closely with Circuit, they share a love of machines.

[Make a Connection - 2 va 5 | 9 Miss]

But Circuit is aloof and hard to talk to.

[-1 supply will be discovered after they leave - Circuit helped herself to some extra parts]

Still, the work is long, but satisfying, and a meal is shared with the people on the base, and Wayfinder.

[Hearten - weak hit +2 spirit, -2 momentum]

"Hey, does anyone here know someone who is good with computers? Need our nav computer upgraded and enhanced"

[Gather Information - 7 vs 6|5 - Strong Hit + 2 momentum]


[Oracle - Eveline (Zephyr) Barlowe - Attractive, Helpful]

One of the scientists says "I used to work with Eveline Barlowe - last I heard she was on Celadon - a planet here in the Delphi Void. She might be able to help? Ask for Zephyr"

[Mark Progress: I vow to find someone who can get answers from this AI :2 boxes]

Soon after, the UV takes off, once more heading for the Drift, with coordinates to Celadon