014. Scrubber Failsafe

arrive at waypoint with pay the price
sighting: comet with a tail of ionised gas
peril: pirates hunt for prey

The Ultraviolet drops back into normal space - and sees a massive comet it's tail a pale ghostly glow of ionised particles. Wayfinder sitting in the co-pilot's chair, checking instruments, Mongoose on stick.

"Shit" says Wayfinder, "there are ships out there, hunter class".

Mongoose cuts engines, hoping not to be noticed. "How many?"

1d6 = 3


"Shit, deep space, they'll see us soon, our engines are radiating heat right now - let's pretend to be part of the Raiders? It worked for me before. Sort of"

Mongoose opens a channel "hail raiders - this is Failsafe, a scav contractor for Union of the Shining Raiders - got bad passage info it seems - looking for the " Mongoose looks around the cockpit for inspiration "Scrubber - a ship out here I'm contracted to salvage?"

[Compel - lie - 6 +2 = 8 vs 3 | 5 - STRONG HIT]
+1 momentum


"Ho scav - I'm Mantis", the three ships race over, "Nah, slim pickings in the systems around here. Twitchy miners not worth a damn. What crew got the Scrubber? What kind of ship is that?"

Mongoose is looking at Wayfinder as she talks, Wayfinder keeps shrugging, as in you're on your own telling this story.

"Hah, they don't give me a mission dossier - this ain't no mucky muck Founder bullshit. I'm just given a passage to a ship you guys left blown to crap, I bring back what I can salvage, and I get a cut! Win win, if things are where they're meant to be! Scrubber's meant to be some sort of multipurpose ship - could be good for all sorts of scrap, or, knowing my luck, a wide assortment of rusted parts not worth a damn!" She barks a short laugh, raising her eyebrows at Wayfinder.

"You scavs, what a fucking boring ass job - wouldn't swap places for a million creds - can't help ya"

"Yeah yeah, good hunting Mantis, and don't shoot holes through anything too valuable, OK?"

"Hah!" he barks through the comms, and they fly off, and Mongoose cuts comms and breaths out in relief. "Can't believe that's worked twice so far in this sector"

Wayfinder looks at her suspiciously "You've done that kind of salvage work before haven't you?"

"Younger days, as a junior on a bigger crew, sure. It's generally low risk work, while you're waiting to find the next Precursor Vault. Not proud of it, but, we justified it by saying it's dead metal floating in space isn't doing anyone any good, might as well collect it. But, not something I'd ever do, now I'm in charge. Don't want to work with pirates - help them get more creds off their victims."

"I can't claim any moral superiority - obviously" replies Wayfinder, thinking again of what happened on the Drift Runner.