011. Hey Slag!


Upon waking, gravity is turned up too high - Wayfinder doing weights or something, and has cooked a meal of noodles she brought with her.

Mongoose first heads to the cockpit to set the next e-drive jump

[Undertake an Expedition - Weak hit]
- might face a peril at the waypoint
[Progress: Get to Sisyphus: ***_______]

They share a nice meal, after Mongoose initially sets the rule that gravity doesn't go above 0.5 on my ship

Debris field: Crystalline asteroids
Peril: Someone questions your presence here

There's a mining crew here, several ships, some mech-type mining suits. An escort ship gets on their comms and in there face. "this is our claim, stay well clear"

"no problem there buddy - just a grub ship, passing through. No interest in your claim. Any intel on Vaults here abouts?" - Mongoose asks, knowing that most people hate grubs - consider them vultures, if vultures also could accidentally trigger dangerous relics or weapons they know nothing about. But trying to convey they really do have no interest in whatever mineral they've found here.

Because this is peril, maybe a face danger?
[face danger - sociability - weak hit]

"Well, back the fuck up, go around - and we can stay friends, got it?""

"fine fine" -1 momentum


"maybe you should stop relying on your winning personality" says Wayfinder

Mongoose just scowls, Wayfinder chuckles, and they change course, heading away from the apparently valuable crystals in that debris field

While they have time to kill, Mongoose would have liked a closer look at the asteroids, but just helps Wayfinder tidy up, feeling a bit judged about her very messy ship. Gets Astrid in on it too.

Finally, the trill that the E-Drive capacitors are full, and back to the cockpit to carefully plot the next jump.

[undertake an expedition - wits - weak hit]
- go for another peril
[Progress: Get to Sisyphus: ******____]

Sighting: derelict - stripped exterior, damaged or breached - 'Manta'
peril: infestation is revealed

A derelict! And not a Savarin one this time

Wayfinder sees Mongoose looking a bit too interested "do you really want to risk it?"

"We're stuck here anyway, might as well have a closer look"

explore waypoint - strong hit!


The ship appears to be a Transport class, but getting closer, they see the obvious signs that some sort of space-born infestation must of eaten through the outer hull.

Then they see it, a sort of space jelly fish - hundreds of them, dinner plate sized - their translucent bodies floating slowly from the derelict towards the Ultraviolet. Hard reverse then full engine burn away from that!

this last jump should get them directly to Sisyphus...

[undertake an expedition - wits - miss]

Arrive at the waypoint to confront: Refuse resource? 
Initial contact - captured 
- they refuse to take the A.I, and capture our heroes for the Savarin bounty.

They arrive at Feldspar, and Wayfinder puts in the call to Sisyphus. "Hey, Slag!" and seeing the look from Mongoose "what? that's his callsign. Slag, it's me, Wayfinder. I'm calling in that favour, we need a place to hide for a while"

"Jools? Fuck. Long time. Come on down."

Mongoose locks onto the nav beacon and guides the Ultraviolet down to the pale green surface of Feldspar - a landscape of towering plateaus, and numerous craters. The beacon leads them to a barely visible cavern, halfway up one of these plateaus, into which the Ultraviolet flies, and settles down amongst crates and mining equipment. They exit the ship in vacsuits - Wayfinder had her own in her duffel it seems. Wayfinder goes off to the airlock to see her friend(?), while Mongoose sees a shipping container dolly, and decides to get all the Savarin crap off her ship. It's been 10 minutes without Wayfinder, and she leaves the container on the dolly, with the cubes of Savarin weapons and heirlooms on top, and decides to go look for Wayfinder, leaving Astrid on the ship for now.

[Mark Progress: Deliver the Computer Core and Vayan belongings from The Drift Runner to Wayfinder :8 boxes]
[Progress Roll: Get to Sisyphus :Strong Hit = 9 vs 5 | 4]

She goes through the only entrance into an airlock. She sees Wayfinder's vacsuit there, so she takes off her own helmet after the chamber pressurises and the green safety light comes on, but before the inner door opens, she suddenly feels very woozy. She tries to reach for her helmet, but everything goes dark.