006. Core Blimey

Operations - she's made it!

[Explore a waypoint - miss! Fuck]
[Peril: Sensors indicate the arrival of an external threat]

As she makes it to the computer core room, the ping comes through from Ultraviolet that a ship is approaching. Shit!

[is it Savarin Clan? Likely. Yes]

Her mind races. She can still get the core. Is it raiders? Is it that faithless Wayfinder? Did Mongoose trip a silent alarm when she entered the derelict, and it's Savarin Clan themselves?


[Mark Progress: Find Operations, where the Computer Core would be found :6 boxes]
[Progress Roll: Find Operations, where the Computer Core would be found :Weak Hit = 6 vs 10 | 1]

First, get the core. The main core has been removed and is behind some sort of faraday cage, and she's without her plasma cutter!

[Face Danger - wits - miss! again ffs]

The lights come on in full, and before she gets her bearings, the gravity turns on too. Mongoose falls badly, cracking her knee on the edge of a table as the sudden weight of Astrid topples her over.

[-1 health]

She hobbles to a terminal, tries to bring up cameras, see what she's dealing with.

[Gather information - strong hit]

Camera's come up quickly - there's a ship attached to the airlock, it looks like Savarin Clan markings - The cargo bay is clear!

A squawk from speakers somewhere makes Mongoose nearly jump out of her skin.

"Surrender yourself scav - this is Savarin Property, and you're trespassing"

But she's in Operations, surely she can do something. She puts her helmet on, and tries to see if she can fuck with life support.

[Secure an Advantage - strong hit - maybe the wrong move, but it was a good roll so keeping it? +1 on next move]

Access to life support, granted!

Vent atmosphere, disable gravity!

[Gain Ground, strong hit, with a match!]
[Mark Progress: Evade the Savarin Clan Stooges :2 boxes]

Knee pain lessened with no weight on her leg, and with her helmet on she can breath easily, unlike those Savarin thugs, she hopes. "Astrid - cut that core out!" Mongoose points at the faraday cage, and the bot extends it's plasma torch and gets to work

[Gain ground - weak hit]

The torch cuts through, the core is grabbed!

[Mark Progress: Deliver the Computer Core and Vayan belongings from The Drift Runner to Wayfinder :4 boxes]
[Mark Progress: Evade the Savarin Clan Stooges :4 boxes]

Time to race to the cargo bay - with Astrid and the core - a 50cm long, 20cm diameter tube - in a bag, Mongoose races towards the cargo bay.

[Gain ground - edge - weak hit]

No time to peek a look at anything, Mongoose gets to the cargo bay doors, all quiet so far, but they must know about this exit. She opens the door into the still well lit cargo bay. There are crates everywhere. She sees if she can quickly spot the Vayan shipping container!

[Gather information - weak hit]

It's here! But it's under several others. She has a plan though. She pops a scav beacon on it. A palm sized magnetic disc that basically says to other scavs "this is spoken for!". Rarely honoured, but she only needs the beacon part to find it again. She also deactivates the crate's magnetic rails keeping it on the deck.

Next part of the plan is to attempt to open the cargo bay doors. She finally uses her magboots to clamp on the wall next to the door controls.

[face danger - wits - weak hit -1 momentum]

The doors open and the atmosphere in the cargo bay wooshes out - one of her boots comes off the wall and she flails around a bit before regaining her footing

[didn't do combat moves, so that would put Mongoose not in control? weakhits lose control, got it]
[threat from ship outside? 50/50 - yes]

After the container tumbles out into the vacuum of space, the Savarin Interceptor class ship strafes into view - headlamps blinding Mongoose briefly, but before anything can happen, she tries to close the doors again.

[React under fire - miss! - you create an opportunity for the enemy]

The ships cannons extend and start spinning, ready to fire, the door controls are unresponsive - and the door opens next to her as two marines come through, magboots on.

Mongoose pushes off towards some still magnetised crates, looking for cover

[face danger -edge - miss - momentum - weak hit]

She makes it to the crate, but not before a marine opens fire - debris hits her in the back and bounces her hard against the bulkhead [-1 health]. At least the ship isn't firing. The marines try to flank her crate - so she goes for a hail Mary - get back inside the derelict proper, where the ship cannons can't get her?

[face danger - edge - miss with a match]

As she makes a break for it, she's smacked in the gut with a butt of a rifle - the goon was right there

[-1 momentum -1 health - melee range]

Not like this! She tries to make a run for it again!

[face danger -edge- strong hit!]

Winded, she manages to spin around him, and then kick off of his helmet, sailing to the doorway!

Now to shut the door, with all the baddies on the other side!

[Gain ground - weak hit]

Door closed, just as blaster fire hits - she shoots the controls and legs it to the other airlock!

[gain ground - edge - miss]

There's another goon at the airlock. FUCK.

[Clash - edge - strong hit]

Mongoose shoots from the hip, smashing their faceplate, killing them instantly. The gear she left there earlier is all there! She fastens a beacon on, just in case, and starts dragging it all through the airlock, and starts cycling it.

[Take decisive action - weak hit face collateral damage - ship takes a hit?]

The spacewalk around to the Ultraviolet seems to take an age, and just as she makes it in, and gets to the cockpit, the ship shudders as the Interceptor's cannons start thudding into the armour plating [-1 integrity]

No time to calculate a jump, Mongoose points in a vague direction and activates the e-drive, blasting away from the derelict, the medical experiments, and the Savarin Clan squad. Oh yeah, and she's a murderer now too.

[Mark Progress: Evade the Savarin Clan Stooges :8 boxes]
[Progress Roll: Evade the Savarin Clan Stooges :Weak Hit = 8 vs 6 | 9]