003. Bot Girl Summer

[Strike - strong hit]

Lining up using the light from the bot as an indication of where it will appear, she blasts it dead centre as it rounds the corner - looking for all the world like a ball with a blaster barrel on each side, and a camera facing forward. The sit sends it spinning into the far wall [Take decisive action - strong hit]

A second shot nails it as it bounces forward, jets hissing wildly. The lights go dim, the jets go quiet. It all but drifts directly to Mongoose. She holsters her pistol and catches it when it finally arrives, giving it a look over, making sure it's 'dead', before shrugging and fastening it next to Astrid.

[Milestone - found the Vayan quarters]

The door is locked. She pulls out her tools - more carefully using magnetic wrist bands to keep her tools under control.

[Check your gear? Secure advantage? weak hit]

Easy peasy - magnetic lock disengaged. With a space crowbar. She pops a long belt pouch, activates 4 LED glow rods, and scatters them through the darkened room, before following them in.

[Oracle: "deadly people"]
- the Vayan's are elite fighters 
- assassins? recon? special forces?

[Explore a Waypoint - miss]

A proximity light starts blinking. The only warning of imminent electrical discharge is the feeling of the short hairs on the back of her neck touching rising to touch the metal helmet bracket of her vacsuit.

[Face danger - speed - miss! Burning Momentum - strong hit]

More instinct that anything, Mongoose kicks off the doorframe wildly, before pulling her legs to her chest to get them out of the arcing electricity that fills the entrance way - the strobing light filling the room.

She careens into the far wall in an ungainly mess of limbs, tangled in Astrid's tether, but she is unharmed.

The trap and the deadly weapons covering the walls makes Mongoose realise that Wayfinder, and the Vayan family are dangerous people. Not the kind of people to cross. Being sent here might have been more to educate Mongoose, than for Wayfinder to recover these belongings.

The trap wouldn't have killed her, she doesn't think. But losing consciousness and maybe bodily functions might have made for a messy vacsuit situation.

[Finish an expedition, strong hit]