001. Derelict Duty

Mongoose trying to follow star patterns in a vision, has come to the Delphi Void sector.

She tried to unload some salvage at Lastport, but there was a bit of heat with a change of leadership in the sector, so she's ended up at Lagrange, and met with Wayfinder - who gave her a good price for the salvage, on the proviso that Mongoose would do Wayfinder a favour - she needs someone to board a Savarin Clan Derelict, and recover the Pre-Exodus Computer Core.

Wayfinder doesn't have an office as such, the meeting occurs in the cafeteria on this repurposed massive ore transport - this huge ore bin partitioned into an alley of shops and neon.

She's friendly - especially towards grubs. Especially the unaffiliated Mongoose. Coordinates are given.

IRON VOW: find the computer core - it will be in main engineering. (forgot to do 'Swear an Iron Vow' move)

Mongoose is a bit too quick to accept - a Clan Derelict, and all Wayfinder is after is one computer core? This is the score of a lifetime! She greedily keeps quiet

[Test your relationship : Miss - (rookie mistake - realise this wasn't really a Test your Relationship scenario)]

Wayfinder sees the greed plainly on Mongoose's face, and she purses her lips, giving Mongoose a look. "Maybe this was a mistake, you're not the person for the job - the Clan could have been good for you". "I'm sorry! Please, it's a lifetime of habit I have to break. What else can I get? I'll swear on iron to get it".

Wayfinder leans back on the plastic chair, crosses her arms, the metal fingers of her cyberarm drumming on her elbow. "find my family's rooms, bring back everything you can, and we can keep doing business".

Mongoose pulls out her pendant "I swear it" and kisses it, touches it to her forehead, and puts in back under the collar of her vacsuit. "I'll be going".

Kicking herself, she pushes back the plastic chair, downs the rest of her soycaf, and heads back to The Ultraviolet.

Aboard her ship, she straps into her cockpit harness, pats Astrid on the head, and takes off towards the derelict, [[Drift Runner]]

Undertake expedition - miss with a match! 
Crisis + Hardship or threat?

Let's say, Raiders from the [[Union of the Shining Raiders]] intercept Mongoose

'I'm here under Contract! Your man in Lastport contracted me to salvage something at grid 12f, 3ae! I'm ex-grub! I know the best stuff!" - Face Danger - deception

Strong hit! "Oh yeah, we saw your ship in Lastport"

Do they escort? Oracle: Unlikely: No! Thank Iron

Shaken, Mongoose goes off on her fake course away from the Raiders, no progress.

Undertake expedition, sneaky: weak hit - two -1 suffer moves:
- lose momentum -1
- sacrifice resources - extra fuel on the detour

Now clear of the Raiders, she hopes, Mongoose runs a scan of the area, and where she thinks the derelict might be. Explore a Waypoint - weak hit - see the way, but a meteor storm is running perpendicular to the course.

"You can do this!" Mongoose says to herself, diverting power to the maneuvering thrusters, and sealing her vacsuit, in the worst case of a hull breach as she flies towards the meteor storm

Face Danger - wits - strong hit!

Continue to the derelict - Spaceborne Opportunity - 69 -Navigational or environmental hazard is left behind - well clear of the meteors and Raiders - clear sailing!

Getting closer now, surely. Will keep sensor suite active, look for telltale debris.

There it is! The Drift Runner. Scans show limited power, and, she's seen it before, but never quite get used to it, frozen corpses - a flock of them near the airlock.